Transient Leah

The walls screamed immaculate spotless
Wide tables lined at the center of the room
A girl, Leah she is called, stood by the window thoughtless
Her stare lingered with a pudgy bittersweet gloom
Off she gathered her pans, trays and bowls
Mixers, cups and utensils all out in wholes
Her working station now looked extra sparkly bright
As she preheated her oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
A speck of magic filled her now humid lair
As eggs, flour and sugar danced in the air
Oozes of batter were poured on each pan
And now she awaited her cupcakes to bake in a quick span
*tick tock tick tock tick tock…..ding!*
Hmmm, what a delectable mouthwatering smell!
Out came those cupcakes glazed with crisp molten caramel
She grabbed her piping bag and readied her cream cheese frosting
Carefully, steadily, she frosted each cupcake with a puffy cloud of icing
Then, taking a handful of strawberries, she chopped chopped chopped
Her elbows didn’t demand her to stop stop stop
Her poor finger took a slice yet she did not fret
She just made her cupcakes fallaciously turn red velvet
Out of nowhere, Chef Jacques walked in
In full uniform and all, looking tall and slim
“Oh! Chef Jacques, I did not see you there!”
“How’s your next failure Leah eh? Care to share?”
Chef Jacques grabbed a fork and sliced a piece
Took a mouthful and smirked which made Leah out of ease
She took oath, always said he whispered to her
But from that point on, everything seemed blur
The white walls scream immaculate spotless
A bed and table at the center of the room
Leah stands by the window thoughtless
Her grin lingers with a pudgy bittersweet gloom
She can still recall everything, she always swore
But turned out, after that day… Leah wasn’t quite right anymore.
Here is the reason behind the poem’s title: click here.

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