I’m afraid it’s still you.


I’m going to take my time until the day you stop reminding me of every song I hear.

You and I… We’ll probably have a lot of fun together.

And then one day, we would be on this road trip together.

And I would be driving.

And then I’d get tired and I would hate to do it but I would agree to let you drive.

And I would feel very safe…

And that’s when we would crash.

I have been seeing snakes lately.

They slide and wait.
They watch.
They see.
They wait for the right moment –
to coil the last air of your belief.
One sharp bite to the next.
They feel.
They smell.
They are apathetic.
The tides will turn
and you will see.
How doubt tears us into three.

I don’t know about you but
I have been seeing snakes lately.