A Life Well Wasted

I wish I could make them see what I see
The image of a young girlĀ so free
I go with the motion of the stars
Concealing repeatedly pelted scars

Such a bittersweet thing to witness
A family of smiles terrifies the darkness
Memories of intoxicated hopefuls
Marching towards eternal limbo sinful

Now my years are now days
To fall from grace is to fall in place
I wish I could make them see what I see
A life well wasted but I’m happy…



Moment of Bliss

I peer through the tiny window
Intending to see change
Yet it was all pain and sorrow
It was all very strange

When you look up and see no sun
Just call out the Lord’s Son
When darkness falls and hope is none
Grab a pen not a gun

Embrace pain like we’re all haunted
Time seals it with a kiss
Because all we ever wanted,
Was a moment of bliss